9-10 April 2021

1st International Microscopic Congress Moldova

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Dr Massimo Calapaj


Dr Ayoub Benhariga

Private practice: ALGERIA- ORAN

Dr Massimo Frosecchi

Private practice: ITALY- FLORENCE

Dr Martin Jimenez Fernandez

Private practice: SPAIN -SEVILLE

Dr Ayman Mohamed Ahmed

Private practice: EGYPT- MANSOURA

Dr Maurizio Signorini

Founder of MDC ITALY

Dr Elio Farina

Private practice: ITALIA-CAPOSELE

Dr Ariel Savion

Private practice: ISRAEL-RISHON LE-ZION

Dr Mohamed Saad El Hachemi

Private practice: ALGERIA-ORAN

Dr Denis Honegger


Dr. Aleksandr Pershin

Private practice: RUSSIA-ST. PETERSBURG

Dr Mohamed Sahbi Layouni

Private practice: TUNISIA- SOUSSE

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We are an international association that works to develop and spread in all the world the knowledge of the microscopy in dentistry.  We work to create a new discipline that can be taught in all the universities of the world for the birth of a new way to do dentistry.



You will gain a lot of new Information, all based on working with microscope in different Fields like Endo, Surgical, Aesthetics.


New People

Meet new people and develop friendships and a lot of useful contacts


Great Speakers

You will have a chance to meet 12 and many more International Speakers that will share their knowledge and experience.


Have Fun

The Gala Night will allow you to meet and interact with the Speakers and participants from around the world.

08:30 AM
Presentation of the Congress and of the Authorities

Presentation of the Congress and of the Authorities

Dr Maurizio Signorini

Short Video Introduction and presentation of the Association

09:00 AM
Microscopic Dentistry at 360 Degree

Microscopic Dentistry at 360 Degree

Dr Ayman Mohamed Ahmed

The use of a dental microscope in daily practice. The operating microscope greatly enhances a clinician's ability to view the tiniest details inside a patient's tooth. By magnifying vision up to 25 times that of the naked eye, the dental microscope is useful in both diagnosis and treatment. Research demonstrates better outcomes compared to treatment without vision enhancement or magnification. Microscopes aid in:
Finding hidden and accessory canals
Locating and removing separated instruments
Preserving more tooth structure
Improving ergonomics for the clinician

09:50 AM
The microscope in oral surgery

The microscope in oral surgery

Dr Ayoub Benhariga

Microscopic approache of the sinus lift (lateral window) Primum non nocere » one of the key point of the mini invasive therapy, in all fields of dentistry and also in surgery, so less tissues and vessels we cut better will be the healing. Doing the smallest lateral windows in sinus lifting will be confronted to the technical difficulty of precision and illumination and ergonomy, the operating microscope will complete the armamentarium and augmente dramatically the efficiency on this procedure

10:40 AM
Endodontics my microscopic point of view

Endodontics my microscopic point of view

Dr Elio Farina

The advantages and the way to use the operative microscope in diagnosis, endodontic treatments, and retreatment

9:00 AM

Special Guest

10:10 AM
Being the first general dentist to use dental microscope in Tunisia

Being the first general dentist to use dental microscope in Tunisia

Dr Mohamed Sahbi Layouni

A dental microscope is an outstanding tool. The moment you see a hidden detail reveals a visible success. Every general dentist should consider incorporating the ability to have multiple magnifications in his office. I use the microscope every time I touch a tooth with a burr. Benefits of a Dental Microscope: High Efficiency-Efficiency is improved through visual enhancement, flexibility and reduced strain Improved Productivity Enhanced Quality of Treatment Educate the Patient - Through a video attachment Clinical cases (video): Endo, Perio, prostho, surgery

11:00 AM
Microscope and precision in aesthetic restorations

Microscope and precision in aesthetic restorations

Dr Mohamed Saad El Hachemi

Dentistry has never been more exciting than today. The development of new materials such as ceramics and composites and new concepts such as minimal dentistry or micro dentistry has pushed a number of practitioners to use magnification in their daily practice. The use of magnification by dental clinicians is becoming more commonplace. The best instrument for this purpose is the operation microscope which as been shown to enhance quality, longevity, and outcome of clinical work as well as facilitating better ergonomics. My lecture explores the potential of the operation microscope, especially in cosmetic dentistry, and discusses the interest of microscope in the precision of anterior dental preparation and restorations.

11:50 AM
Boost your dental surgery practice with microscope!

Boost your dental surgery practice with microscope!

Dr Massimo Frosecchi

Despite modern dentistry is based on the respect of indications and application of evidence-based procedures, the skill of operators is still fundamental to achieve excellence. The dental microscope is not a new technology but its use is increasing, starting from endodontic applications is expanding in all dentistry fields. Magnification and illumination can improve many aspects of dental surgery, from mini-invasive approach to complications treatment


Shift your perspective on ​microscopic dental surgery

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